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dune bashing in hatta mountain safari
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Hatta Mountain Safari, Hatta Safari,

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Hatta Safari, Hatta Mountain Safari,
Location: Hatta
Duration: 6 Hours
Adult Price: AED 300
Children Price: AED 225 (Under 8 Years)
book now or Call Now: +971 4 2959477

Hatta Mountain Safari
Red Dunes Dubai, Mountains & Wadi Spectacular

Hatta Mountain Safari is the exciting off road mountain safari trip which includes Dune bashing, Wadi bashing and a chance to dip and dive in natural water pools of Hatta in Dubai. Hatta Mountain Safari is an amazing trip to the mountainous region of Hatta. The drive along the Hajjar mountains and scenic wadis provide an awesome opportunity to explore the strikingly beautiful Nature at Hatta. Hatta Mountain Safari trip is a must do activity if you wish to gift yourself a day full of relaxation and serenity.

The Hatta trip is scenic and soothing as one could observe the rustic feature of the region on their way to lush Hatta. A must do Hatta Tour to relax and recharge as the city is blessed with natural beauty. The scenic mountains of Hatta also bring in a tranquilizing effect to help relax completely.

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Features:
  • Free Pick up & Drop off facility
  • Dunes bashing at famous Red Dunes
  • Sand Boarding
  • Stop at Carpet market & Heritage Village in Hatta
  • Exciting Wadi Bashing & halt at natural pool
  • Lunch in 5 star Hatta Fort Hotel

Hatta Mountain Safari - The Experience:
Hatta Mountain Safari trip helps you enjoy the rustic flavor of Hatta. The 4WD is entertaining and enjoyable. The efficient driver would make you experience maximum fun and adventure while travelling on the red sand dunes at Lahbab. You feel great and in good cheer when the vehicle halts at Carpet market and then you move ahead to the Hajjar Mountains. You enjoy the breathtaking sceneries in awe. Its pure adventure to travel across winding gorges, along the Wadis (dry river beds) and beautiful landscapes. It's a rare sight to marvel on a wide variety of colorful rocks formation on the Hajjar Mountains. Hattamountains boast natural water pools and Wadis. If you happen to make your HattaMountains trip during rainy season you will get a chance to come across an impressive number of water pools in different size and shape. You continue your trip to watch the artifacts and antique at Heritage Village of Hatta.Hatta Mountain Safari is indeed an escape to the lush greeneries of Hatta very much bringing in peace and positive energy to ones existence.

Safety Features of Hatta Mountain Safari:
We follow sound measures to ensure maximum safety during the Hatta trip.Hatta mountain tour involves a lot of desert & off-road driving and we put great effort to make your Hatta tour safe and comfortable. Our drivers of the 4WDs are trained in desert and off-road driving. These 4wd Toyota Land-cruisers are equipped with A/C, seat belts and roll bars. You must wear seat belts during your whole Hatta tour.

Hatta Mountain Safari - Vital Information:
Hatta Safari Duration: Almost 06 hours.
Days of operation: All days of the week
Minimum Age: 3 years and above
Minimum Number: 1 other guests can also join
Hatta Safari Timings: Pick-up at 8:00 am, Drop back at 14:00 pm approximately
The Exclusions: Gratuities are optional.

arr You Need To Know about Hatta Mountain Safari:
» Hatta Tour is not ideal for Pregnant ladies, People with back problems, heart conditions & for Infants
» We charge 75% of adult's price for children of age 03 to 08 years
» Please Must Carry Orignel Pasport

Smart casual clothes are comfortable during Summer. Wearing sunglasses would give protection from the dust. Sunscreen and hat could prove handy as well. You can put-on extra Sweaters or jackets in the winter season.

Casual photography is allowed, but it is unpleasant to take the photographs of local Arab women. It is strictly prohibited to take Photographs of government buildings or military installations.

Our reservation has very transparent policy with regard to Hatta Mountain safari trips.Any part or entire of your Hatta tour towards Hajjar Mountain can be cancelled due to government policies, unfavorable weather conditions and force majeure. However clients will be offered either a rescheduled Hatta tour on the closest alternative date or claim a full refund.

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